Our main products are fishing nets; HDPE net, Nylon Multifilament, Nylon Monofilament, Nylon Raschel, all kinds of twines. There are variety of ropes; Polyethylene (PE),Polypropylene (PP danline),PP multifilament, Polyester and Nylon rope 3,4 strands and 8 strands (braid cross) and ranges from 1.5 – 120mm in diameter. All these various types are intended to support the growth of business particularly fishery industry and multi purposes.

Our capacity is sufficient to meet the client demands of both small operators as well as large fishing enterprises, particularly the ocean-going fisheries, both in Thailand and abroad. We have products of all types and sizes including

The Siam Brothers Group is determined to develop the productivity of Thai industries so as to reduce Thailand's reliance on imports, to make Thailand the regional center for the export of fishery, agricultural, and engineering products, and to win world-wide recognition for Thai branded products.

Siam Brothers Group set out on the path of development from a jute rope business to nylon, PP, PE ropes. We are the first in Southeast Asia to produce Polyethylene rope under the name Siam Brothers Industrial Ltd., Part. in 1962. We came up with fishing nets which derive from PE, PP filament in 1972. Then Siam Brothers Corporation Ltd. was found in 1983. After that Siam Net Industry Co., Ltd. and Siam Rope & Net Corporation Ltd., Siam Brothers Group members, were found in 1987 and 1993 respectively.

As we excel in producing ropes and fishery nets, we develop our competence to other industries which are agriculture and construction. Our products are also recognized in non-fishery industries. We, thus, tailor our products to serve the customer needs which are in Thailand and worldwide. At the present time, 30% of all products are exported

The Siam Brothers Group believes that fulfilling customer’s expectations is the key success. Therefore, we never stop creating innovative products to serve customer’s ultimate satisfaction. Not only high technology machine used but also quality control management has been applied. Our 1,200 employees at Phapadaeng and Ayutthaya factories have applied the 5S principles to factory operation as well as continuous operation and maintenance of machines (TPM) in order to ensure that our products are the best in quality.